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During your trip of any kinds in Nepal, you will be glad to have the taste of varieties of Nepali and Western foods on the trip. You will be served the delicious and hygienic foods as per your interest and health conditions. Whether you are in a tea house or camping, our best services will be provided with the foods as we believe happiness and energy begin when the tummy is full.

On our tea house trekking or holidays trips, we offer you from standard western cuisines to the local foods available. You can also get some Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese and even Indian and Italian dishes. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner meals with typical varying.

Breakfast: Lights foods like pancakes, Eggs (Boiled/Fried), porridge, Muesli with milk, Toast, and different cereals. Similarly local foods as rice puddings, Tibetan bread, Chapattis, etc. are also available.
Lunch: Lunch requires for some of the weighty foods to provide you energy and keep you fit. You can either choose to have western foods like pizza, Sandwiched, burger, French fry, spring roll and so on. Or if you want, taste the great Nepali dishes as Daal Bhat (Rice), varieties of rice dishes (fried, Puddings), Noodles (mix with cheese), Momos, Roti, bread, soups, fresh vegetables, Potatoes dishes, etc.
Snacks: Enjoy your evening with some packaged snacks or cooked light foods. Have a sip of tea or coffee, biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, popcorn, salamis, and available seasonal fruits.
Dinner: Dinner is what compromises of the day’s work. Heavyweight foods like Rice, Fried potatoes, Max potato, Spring rolls, pizza, soup etc are some to name.

On our camping trekking or long camping holidays, we have excellent cooks to prepare hot and delicious meals. Everything required for the kitchen starting from fire to every small ingredient will be taken with the porters. Our trained and experienced cook caters hygienic varieties of meals to enthrall you even on the top of the mountain under less than ideal conditions. You will experience typical local foods to the very standard western dishes during camping.
Breakfast: the day breakfast starts with a choice of porridge, muesli, and cereal followed by omelet, fried or scrambled eggs with chapattis or bread.
Lunch: Lunch is generally salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta, and traditional bread. You can also enjoy sometimes varieties of rice dishes (fried, Puddings), Noodles (mix with cheese), Roti, bread, soups, vegetables, Potatoes dishes, etc.
Dinner: Dinner is a hearty 3-course meal – soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice, pasta, and western dishes and completed with a simple dessert.

We also provide a variety of ‘goodies’ such as chocolate bars, nuts, and raisins, fruit bars or perhaps a variety of ‘treats’ such as cheesecake mixes, fruit cake. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided at all meals. Always drink the water boiled and it is better to have some soft drinks as well.

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