How to book trekking holidays in Nepal

Planning for booking a trip to Nepal in advance will give you time to save up for the trip, to book a cheaper flight, and to negotiate an amount with the tour group company ​successful career start​. If you would like to book one of your holidays to enjoy trekking, tours, peak climbing or join for adventure activities in Nepal, initially make a mind and search the relevant sites on the web. Nowadays with the increasing use of e-commerce, most of the trekking companies in Nepal host their website so you can go thoroughly these sites and check out for the best option you require. Be prepared with the time frame, cost you’d like to spend and facilities you may want to have.

It is always good if some of your relatives, friends or neighbors have some relevant answers to make you regarding the trekking companies or agencies. Else, examine very well, whether the company is government registered and under the legal system or not. Fake or illegal trekking agencies may results in unexpected trouble to you.
As you are satisfied with the trip package, contents and the services provided as mentioned on site, you may like to fill the inquiry form given. Or else, you can directly make a call to given number or mail to the respective person at the mailing address of the company. Here I provide you the simple steps that may guide you to make booking holiday trip in Nepal.

1. Send an inquiry using inquiry form, email or make a call.
2. You can frequent questions and answers with the agency, but be fully satisfied and make your mind.
3. Discuss your tour package and itinerary. If you like to extend or shorten the trip, what kinds of services you’d like, get well known about the company background and legality, your arrival time and what the necessary documents to present; be just up to date.
4. As you confirm your trip, you will be asked to make some partial payment as advance and that would be kind of confirmation that you’d arrive for the agency.
5. The payments can be wired through different ways like Western Union, or bank transfer, or master/visa cards, or cheque.
6. In the case of cancellation of the trip, they may charge you some deduction amount.
7. You’d also be asked to send your personal information documents, passport Xerox, insurance documents, etc. It’s compulsory to get insurance before joining any kinds of trek/trip in Nepal.
8. Now finally, you have booked your holiday trip in Nepal and everything else you can manage upon arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport. Regarding visa, either you can apply in our own country in Nepalese embassy or you can easily get on arrival at the airport on payment of necessary charges.

If you are traveling alone, then you can join for the groups or fixed departure trekking days in negotiation to the corresponding agency. As you arrive in Nepal, you set to go on your trekking or holiday trip, making full payment to the company, before starting the trip.

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