Piligrimage Tours in Nepal

Pilgrimage tour in Nepal offers you visit of numerous ancient and historical pilgrimage sites. Nepal is the land of God and Goddess and holy spiritual places in the world. Each temple and site is attached to a legend that glorifies the miraculous powers of its deity. Nepal Pilgrimage tour is a journey that brings them closer to their religion by enhancing their appreciation for its principles, beliefs and philosophies. Nepal has many historic sites which are rich in built heritage, cultural distinction or traditional significance. This diverse pilgrimage tour of Nepal heritage reflects the different indigenous groups with their unique languages, cultures and religions. Pilgrimages tours in Nepal are just among the many journeys that tourists and locals embark on in Nepal.

Nepal’s rich history, entwined with its numerous religious monuments from Hinduism and Buddhism, provides many places with resources which have considerable tourist potential. Nepal has been the place of Hinduism from the very ancient age. Now as many of the religions are flourished in Nepal, it is declared as a secular state. All of the religious people live in peace and brotherhood. Nepal is a famous for its pilgrimage destination where has such a lot of ancient Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Pilgrimage tours are considered an important way of attaining the salvation. Nepal has been the place of origin for the Hindu religion and the holy place of Lord Pashupatinath. Buddhist pilgrimage sites are equally importance as it’s the symbol of peace all over the world, the birth place of Gautam Buddha.

Some of the famous Hindus pilgrimage places are Pashupatinath, Budhanilkantha, Muktinath, Barah chhetra, Mt. Kailash, Janakpur, Gosaikunda, Manakamana etc. and as the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites we have Lumbini, muktinath too, Kapilvastu, Sywambhu, Bauddha, kopan monastery, Namo buddha etc. are some to name. During your every pilgrimage tour in Nepal you will bless with the purity and peace of mind and heart.

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