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We have been involved in the social welfare sector since our establishment. ​Price is an issue for resume​. Every organization has to fulfill some social responsibility; however social contribution is not only an obligation. It should come from the inner self. Besides trekking and Travel business we also believe in our responsibility towards our society and are always ready for social contributions.

We also believe that with tourism, not only tourists but locals also learn how to minimize pollution and come to realize the importance of local cultures, religion, and heritage in this era of globalization. We are promoting our culture specially sharing and promoting with our guests. Your small help makes their bright future so if your friends are interested to do the social works it will be always highly appreciated. For our every social contribution we have been appreciated and felicitated at the mass level.

We also provide some sorts of regular help and aids to the Orphanage. Our contributions to the orphanage, society and the preservation of nature have resulted in different kinds of letter of Appreciations and felicitations.

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