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Nepal Trip Finder Travel and Tours P.LTD is a fully licensed and registered company in the Government of Nepal. We pride ourselves on our personal, first-hand knowledge of the various safari camps, peaks, hotels, and the culture. We offer trekking in Nepal, mountain biking tours, rafting, expeditions, hotel reservations, wildlife safaris, and tours (including trekking) in Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Our people focus on giving old fashioned good personal service and build relationships with their regular customers.

We pride ourselves on the service we give to our customers. It’s what makes us different. We strive to create authentic and meaningful travel experiences that bring you to wonders both hidden and celebrated around the globe. We believe in the quality of personalized service, and we offer a wide variety of different treks that will suit both for inexperienced and experienced trekkers. Here are the reasons why you should book your trek with us!!!!

Our Foundation

Nepal Trip Finder Travel and Tours P.LTD Company were started with just a handful of employees’ dedicated, young and experienced Nepal mountaineering/trekking guides and tour leaders. During our working lives, we have provided thousands of adventure and pleasure trips. We always believe in work and quality that makes us a friend of our clients. The expert knowledge of our specialist allows us to select the best possible accommodation, guides, and excursions to suit your tastes and budgets. It’s all about relationships and trust.


Our top priority is the safety and security of our customers and staff during all of our trips. Our leaders are all thoroughly trained and highly experienced in leading groups through the Himalayas. They are highly trained and skilled in First Aid, Altitude Issues and Environmental Protection. We carry first aid kits on all of our tours, which is readily available for both travelers and staff. Their first priority is always safety, maintaining health, security, and hygiene before doing anything else. Also, we are always available on hour 24 hours emergency phone line. In case of emergency, helicopter rescue can be made available.

Guaranteed and Quality Service:

Our organized treks and tours are always guaranteed of high quality. We have an excellent record of customer satisfaction and continued success has led us to expand our range of services. We are proud to say that besides our main activity, trekking in Nepal, we now also offer mountain biking tours, rafting, expeditions, hotel reservations, wildlife safaris, and tours (including trekking) in Tibet, India, and Bhutan.

Stress-Free Travel

We’ve done all the planning for you! Our Tour and Trek leaders have found the best places to eat, sleep and sightseeing. Experienced tour/Trek guides will share their knowledge about the places you’ll visit and often you’ll be treated to private entrances to sights and other special activities you couldn’t arrange on your own. Our private guides give you total flexibility to adjust the itinerary on the ground as your desire dictate.

Trained & skilled staffs

All of our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government. Our trip leaders are knowledgeable about the Nepali Culture, Environment and Customs. These guides take care of the myriad of trip details, making sure everything runs smoothly and everybody has fun. Our guides can speak fluent English; a few of them speak additional languages French, German, Spanish and Japanese. They all are versed in Nepali culture, history, religions, and art, and always will do their best to reveal genuine Nepal to you.

Cultural Exchange

By bringing people from all over the world together we aim to take you out of the modern world bubble and have you be a part of something very few people ever experience.  The opportunity to meet and interact with local people, intermingle with their traditions and culture and experiencing the countryside is wonderful throughout your journey. By learning about the ancient civilization and sharing the art and architectures, we preserve their history and customs.

Accommodation & Food

We can offer accommodation suitable for all budgets and have a good relation with five-star deluxe hotels, tourist class hotels and small cozy guesthouses, both in the cities as in the outer areas. Our goal is to offer you accommodation which feels like a home away from home, which will meet your wishes and budget.

During camping treks, expeditions and safaris, we will offer you always fresh, organic and hygienically prepared food which is served by our private cooks. You can have wonderful international dishes, ranging from Italian, Mexican, Indian and other western foods. During treks to high altitude, we will adjust our food offered with suitable food to prevent altitude sickness and to provide healthy nutrition.

Competitive and Fair price

Traveling is an investment, and we make sure you get the best value for your money. Our prices are extremely competitive. We are truly independent ensuring our customers always get the best deal for their specific needs. We insist on cutting administrative and advertising costs to avoid building them into our prices. We also maintain good relationships with hundreds of hotels and Airlines that give us their best offers. Our prices are the same for everybody, no hidden costs, and no commission.

Environmentally conscious

We run Eco-friendly treks and tours and do anything to try and prevent activities that will directly harm nature and cultural heritage. Our guides are very sensitive for preserving the beautiful nature of the area and they all receive regular training on this subject by national and international NGO, INGO and others. We promote low impact, small scale tourism that is respectful of local cultures and the local environment.

Social work

We lend a helping hand to various organizations for various social activities. We always give something back to the areas where we are working. We have been involved in local charities for years now and a percentage of your tour costs go towards helping these charities. We try to develop activities such as homestay trekking programs, introduce new trekking routes in the countryside, porter training, education, etc. We are supporting schools, orphanage houses, recycle projects and help disabled people.

Female Guide and Porters

Nepal Trip Finder Travel and Tours P.LTD can offer both male and female porters and guides. We have excellent recommendations and experiences from single female trekkers about our male guides still we do understand your preference to be accompanied by only women staff. So be not hesitating to ask for female guides or porters.

Terms and Conditions

Social Contributions

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How to book trekking holidays in Nepal?

Food and Accommodation

Cost includes and excludes

Cancellation and refund

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